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Topic 2: Online Identity – Reflection

The subject of online identity has been an interesting one to study, with many of my fellow students considering various different angles. I consider a few particular interesting takes on the subject in this video. (Video made by me, with image references linked at the end of this article) At the start of this topic,… Continue reading Topic 2: Online Identity – Reflection

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Online Identity

Digital identity can be considered in two parts, firstly by presentation – i.e. how we choose to present ourselves and our ideas online – and secondly by reputation – i.e. how others interpret our online presence (Costa, Torres, 2011). In this article I aim to consider what type of digital portfolio is better for an individual in… Continue reading Online Identity

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Topic 1 – Reflection

In my original post I considered the concept of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants and compared it to the concept of Digital Residents and Digital Visitors. I also briefly considered the importance and advantages of having such ideas about online usage from a web designer perspective, as it is greatly to the benefit of the… Continue reading Topic 1 – Reflection

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What do we mean by Digital Visitors and Digital Residents?

Digital Visitors and Digital Residents are two terms coined to replace the idea of Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. The original terms, as described in the image below, are considered to be out of date and not descriptive enough of the ways different individuals interact with the internet, particularly as there is not such a… Continue reading What do we mean by Digital Visitors and Digital Residents?