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UOSM2008 – The Final Blogpost

Over the course of this module I have considered a variety of aspects of the online world, including Digital Residents and Visitors (Reflection), Online Identity (Reflection), Authentic Professional Profiles (Reflection), Ethics on Social Media (Reflection) and Open Access (Reflection). For a comprehensive review of these subjects and what I have learned from them for future use, please enjoy the podcast below. Alternatively, read my previous posts which are linked to during this paragraph.

(Produced by me – featuring the work of myself and Oliver Locke, 2017)

As a result of looking into these topics, I have been able to reflect on and improve my own social media presence, with consistent profile pictures among all of my accounts. In the video below I show the progress of my online presence during this module.

(Video Produced by me, featuring logos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.        My Social Media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, 2017)

Having made these changes to my profiles on social media, it seems appropriate to now revisit the self-test I did at the start of this module. I have updated my scores and given reasons to justify the changes in the right hand columns. Overall I am pleased with the improvement I have made in most aspects of my internet usage, I feel I am getting more out of it and have unlocked more potential in my online profile.

Rating at start of module Comments Rating at end of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information


3 Generally, I would consider myself good at sourcing information, however I could improve how I manage information and store useful links for future reference. 4 I feel that over the course of this module I have had an opportunity to look through more information and have gained a better eye for inaccuracies and have checked information as a result, however I still do not believe my filter to be perfect.
Participating in online communities



2 While I do consume a fair amount of online content, I rarely get too majorly involved with projects or comment sections. 3 Over the course of this module I have been more interactive with others online, including tweeting significantly more often than my average over the past few years.
Building online networks around an area of interest



3 I am good at sourcing blogs and websites about things which I am interested in, however as stated above I am not particularly involved in them so could potentially benefit from more networking. 3 I still believe myself to not be overly involved in communities, but I have been slightly more involved as a result of this. However I do not believe progress in this area has merited a move up to a 4 just yet.
Collaborating with others on shared projects



3 I am involved in many projects I have run online, including using Facebook to co-ordinate activities and even to run events, however I still feel there is more I could be doing to make processes more collaborative. 4 Over the course of this module I have worked on many collaborative efforts with other members of this course. Working closely to have beneficial comment discussions and reflective posts. However I am most proud of my Surge Radio collaboration with Oliver Locke. I will be working on many more collaborative online projects in the future if I can.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)



4 While not perfect at it, I have learned to use Adobe Audition through self-teaching. I also have learned a few basics on Premier Pro and Photoshop. I could still significantly improve on these areas though. 5 Over this module I have been using my skills in Audition to produce good quality audio content, however I also learned how to animate in Photoshop which has been an ambition for a while. I am very pleased with the content I can produce online now, and am working hard to add more software to my arsenal.
Managing your online identity



2 I have a small presence on social media, but could do with broadening my presence online and keeping my presence consistent. 3 My presence on social media is still quite limited, however it has grown slightly during this module. I would say that my presence is now a better one as well, with clearer identifiability and more consistency.
Managing your online privacy and security



3 I tend to put settings towards more privacy, giving out as little information as I can to people who haven’t added me on various forms of social media. However I haven’t done this on every platform. 3 I still have settings set towards privacy on several platforms, however on Twitter I have decided not to do this as I believe it to be more beneficial to be able to get exposure on some platforms, particularly when I only really access it from a desktop and am unlikely to send anything damaging given how obsessively I check my tweets. So while my security may not have improved, I do not believe it to be as much of a problem as before.

As is shown in the video and the self-test, I have made progress with my usage of the online world over the course of this module. While at the start of it I had a presence, it was disorganised and not identifiable, however now with a clear presence, online interactions are easier. Another gain I have made from this module is that it has also improved my skill base for online activity. I now feel more confident making video content using Photoshop. At the start of this module, I was struggling my way through the process, the original video for the topic 2 reflection took over 4 hours to animate. However the video above took me just under an hour and a half, showing significant progress. Below is an image showing how I feel certain skills of mine have progressed throughout the module.

Skill improvement

(Image made by me using Adobe Photoshop)

Overall I believe this module to have been a very useful opportunity to learn more about being a professional in the online world. I feel significantly more comfortable with the strength of my own online profile and far happier with the skills I can use to show myself to be a good asset. I believe that the things I have learned throughout this course, particularly in topics 2 and 3 about online identity and the professional profile, will help me greatly going forward into the future in terms of continuing to build and maintain a strong online presence I can be proud of. Looking ahead I believe that maintaining this blog is important as it allows me to showcase my abilities with various software, with research and with communication, which must be of benefit to my professional prospects. However, I still need to improve my profile on Linkedin and become more frequent on social media to further expand my presence.


Image references:

Facebook logo, available from https://en.facebookbrand.com/assets/f-logo – last accessed 26/05/2017

Instagram logo, available from https://en.instagram-brand.com/assets/glyph-icon – last accessed 26/05/2017

Linkedin logo, available from https://brand.linkedin.com/visual-identity/logo – last accessed 26/05/2017

Twitter logo, available from https://brand.twitter.com/en.html – last accessed 26/05/2017

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archerlock

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philip-archer-lock-bbbbbb143/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/parcherlock

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBbSIvzSlqRZM-9OHe1Ohrw


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