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Reflection on Topic 4: Social Media Ethics

In my initial post I discussed ethical issues regarding posting on social media, including the ethical and legal problems of making a private incident public without prior consent and the ethical issue of content management from a social media provider. While I believe that it is important for social media platforms to intervene to try to reduce the amount of damaging content on their websites, I still believe that the common carrier argument should protect them from certain forms of action, such as the fines that the German Government is planning to implement on them for the presence of fake news sharing (McCarthy, 2017).


In my first comment on Jordan’s blog, I discussed the issue of YouTube advertisers’ concern over content on the platform. It seems a shame that this revenue is being lost by YouTube over something that they can do little about, with media often failing to fully grasp how advertising on their platform works, as is explained in this CGP Grey Video.


(This Video Made $2,921 at Auction. How Ads Work on YouTube. (Post-Adpocalypse Updated Estimate), CGP Grey)

In my second comment on Oliver’s blog, I considered the issue of cyberbullying on social media. While I believe that the best way to tackle this is to teach children and young adults about important ways to protect themselves online, as are shown in the video below, I still believe that perhaps more could be done to create platforms where full anonymity is not possible. I believe that this would help to ensure young internet users can be protected better and problems can be more effectively dealt with.


(How to prevent cyberbullying, nobullying.com)

In conclusion, there are many ethical problems on social media, the problems of the common carriers and anonymity online are particularly difficult to solve given the ramifications of upholding these corner stones of online culture, however I still believe overall that these must be upheld to enable free discussion online.






CGP Grey, 2017, This Video Made $2,921 at Auction. How Ads Work on YouTube. (Post-Adpocalypse Updated Estimate), available from https://youtu.be/KW0eUrUiyxo (last accessed 30/04/2017).


McCarthy, K, 2017, Germany to Facebook, Twitter: We are *this* close to fining you €50m unless you delete fake news within 24 hours, available from https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/14/germany_proposes_50m_fake_news_fine/ (last accessed 30/04/2017)

nobullying.com, 2016, How to Prevent Cyberbullying – NoBullying.com, available from https://youtu.be/4g8w7GV3-iA (last accessed 30/04/2017).


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