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Topic 3: Reflection

In this topic I have considered the ways in which an authentic online professional profile can be developed. In my initial post I outlined a few simple aspects of a professional online profile, including the need for consistency, identifiability, trustworthiness and the importance of searchability.

(Made my me for my first post on this topic, 2017)

A blog post by Caiti led to me considering the alternative perspective on an online profile in my first comment. I considered the perspective of the employer, as I wondered how useful it would be to a firm to check a social media presence. As I mentioned in my comment, there are several risks to trying to find out information on an applicant through social media, particularly if the applicant has a very common name (backgroundchecker.com, 2017).

My second comment was made on Emily’s blog in which she discussed several aspects of an online portfolio and advocated using an online blog to make the presence more impressive. In my comment I brought up the statistics from Jobvite regarding employment through various mediums (graphic representation below), and suggested a blog was not the most important according to the data (Jobvite, 2014). My view on this has been swayed as a well managed blog could be a useful additional benefit, which Emily stated in her reply. However I still believe that there are other ways to have a strong additional element to your online presence, through being visibly involved in other projects online, particularly research or community projects.


(Jobvite, 2014)

In conclusion, I believe that the best way to build a successful authentic online professional profile is to focus on the four elements alluded to in my introduction (consistency, identifiability, trustworthiness and searchability). It also can be of benefit to have additional projects going on as long as they are conducted in a professional manner. As a result of the this topic, I am now working to improve my own online presence, making it more consistent and available on a few more platforms, including LinkedIn.
(Word count 322)



backgroundchecker.com. “Social Media checks” 2017. (Accessed 19th March 2017)

Jobvite. “Social Recruiting Survey” 2014. (Accessed 19th March 2017)


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