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Topic 2: Online Identity – Reflection

The subject of online identity has been an interesting one to study, with many of my fellow students considering various different angles. I consider a few particular interesting takes on the subject in this video.

(Video made by me, with image references linked at the end of this article)

At the start of this topic, I had quite a different view of online identity. I still do not have a particularly organised online presence, but I now see that it could be valuable to have clear separate online identities for employment and personal perspectives. This is something I will be aiming to improve upon during the next topic – as currently I believe my presence to be weak on the reputation aspect of online identity discussed in my first blog post (Costa, Torres, 2011).

My perspective on whether it is better to have separate identities or a single identity online has also changed throughout the topic, while I still lean towards the idea that it is perhaps better to keep personal and professional aspects of an identity separate, I do not believe this to be essential, as a well managed personal profile can act as a professional one as well. This was discussed in the comment and discussion I had with Oliver on his blog.

I also commented on Jordan’s blog, his post led to me considering why anonymity was becoming less prevalent online. In discussion I argued that perhaps the demand for anonymity was insufficient for anonymous sites to remain a major part of the online community. A view that has been backed up by the realisation that perhaps the demand actually lies more heavily with being able to verify the person on the other end of the discussion.

In conclusion, I now hold the belief that multiple identities are better as they allow you to protect certain aspects of your personal identity from certain areas online, however that anonymity online is not entirely protected by doing this and that it is perhaps the case that this is what internet users want.

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Ronson, Jon. “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”. 1st ed. Riverhead Books, 2015.

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Images used in video (accessed 05/03/2017)












Who Watches the Watchers? Thieves.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a cat !







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