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Topic 1 – Reflection

In my original post I considered the concept of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants and compared it to the concept of Digital Residents and Digital Visitors. I also briefly considered the importance and advantages of having such ideas about online usage from a web designer perspective, as it is greatly to the benefit of the users that sites are designed with their capabilities in mind. A blog post by Jordan led me to consider the importance further in the comment response to this post, but it really emphasised the significance of having clear ideas of who uses the internet. Jordan’s own argument actually related to online services and the flaws in this idea from a developer perspective, which is an interesting idea to discuss in the comments.

In another blog post, Brad discussed age and it’s relation to online access. They argued that the terms of Residents and Visitors were better terms due to the consideration that age was not such a bit factor in online accessibility and usage. This interested me and I looked up some statistics on internet usage for my second comment, there still appears to be an age divide in the level of online usage, which raises interesting questions regarding how the internet is considered by different age groups, perhaps there still is a consideration of it being more of a tool for specific functions as was suggested by the natives and immigrants argument make by Prentsky (2001).
Prensky, M. (2001) Digital natives, digital immigrants. On the Horizon, 9 (5), 1-6.


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